Turbo OE: 759394-0002


  • Turbocharger producer: GARRETT
  • Turbo OE:: 759394-0002
  • Turbo Model:: GT1752V
  • Vehicle OE No: 18900R06E01M2
  • Model Car:: [Honda CR-V]
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Turbocharger parts specification


Part Turbo Ideal No. OEM Part No.
CHRA 100-17-0059 SR

Shaft and wheel

101-03-0017 SR 
Compressor wheel 102-06-0014 SR 
Bearing Housing 103-03-0009 SR 
Back Plate 104-01-0017 SR 
Repair Kit


Heat Shield 106-17-0001 SR 
Actuator SR  SR 
Nozzle Ring 105-01-0006 SR
Nozzle Basket SR SR
Nozzle Sleeve SR SR
Gastkets Kits SR SR
Turbine Housing SR SR
Compressor Cover SR SR
Turbo zeta 1

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