Turbo OE: VA68


  • Turbocharger producer: IHI
  • Turbo OE:: VA68
  • Turbo Model:: RHF5
  • Engine: VM
  • Vehicle OE No: 05072735AA
  • Model Car:: [Chrysler Voyager III] ; [Jeep Cherokee]
  • Capacity:: 2499ccm
  • Engine Power:: 105kw(143hp)
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Turbocharger parts specification


Part Turbo Ideal No. OEM Part No.
CHRA 600-05-0002  SR

Shaft and wheel

601-05-0012  SR 
Compressor wheel 602-04-0024  SR 
Bearing Housing 603-05-0006  SR 
Back Plate 604-04-0010  SR 
Repair Kit 609-05-0005 SR
Heat Shield 606-05-0003 SR 
Actuator SR  SR 
Nozzle Ring NO  NO 
Nozzle Basket NO NO
Nozzle Sleeve NO NO
Gastkets Kits SR SR
Turbine Housing SR SR
Compressor Cover SR SR
Turbo zeta 1

Bearing Housing

Turbo Ideal No 603-05-0006 
Model RHF5 
OEM Part No. SR 
Water Cooled (Y/N)
kuciste 1

Shaft and wheel

Turbo Ideal No 601-05-0012 
Model RHF5 
OEM Part No. SR 
Exducer Diameter(A) 40.1 
Inducer Diameter (B) 53.6 
Tip Height (C) 5.81 
Number of Blades



Compresor wheel

Turbo Ideal No 602-04-0024 
Model RHF4 
OEM Part No. SR 
Inducer Diameter (A)


Tip Height (B) 4.85 
Exducer Diameter (C) 52.5 
Number of Blades 6/6 
Type  Super Back

Back Plate

Turbo Ideal No 604-04-0010 
Model RHF4 
OEM Part No. SR 
D1 139.5 
D2 10 
Type Super Back CW Φ53.5
disk zeta

Nozzle Ring

Turbo ideal No NO 
Model NO 
OEM Part No. NO 
D1 NO 
D2 NO 
Blade number NO 

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