Turbo OE: 720244-0001


  • Turbocharger producer: GARRETT
  • Turbo OE:: 720244-0001
  • Turbo Model:: GT1549
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Turbocharger parts specification


Part Turbo Ideal No. OEM Part No.

Shaft and wheel

101-02-0009 SR 
Compressor wheel 102-05-0008 SR 
Bearing Housing 103-17-0004 SR 
Back Plate 104-01-0003 SR 
Repair Kit 109-17-0002 SR
Heat Shield 106-15-0001 SR 
Actuator SR  SR 
Nozzle Ring SR SR 
Nozzle Basket NO  NO 
Nozzle Sleeve NO  NO 
Gastkets Kits SR SR
Turbine Housing SR SR
Compressor Cover SR SR
Turbo zeta 1

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